1. Designs for Young Liberal events, candidates, and clubs

    In addition to the work I’ve done for candidates at the senior party level, I’ve designed a fair bit of content for Young Liberal use.

    Election Fever was a city wide Liberal event that brought Young Liberals together with candidates and campaigns from across Ottawa immediately before the drop of the writ of the 2011 election. We had a great turnout, over 50+. I really like the visual pop of all the different design elements, and the black and red contrast/fade. It’s a busy poster to be sure, but as I usually tend to lean toward a more minimalist approach its a good change of pace. 


    Ok, so obviously I can’t claim the original design (it’s based off Hillary Clinton’s campaign buttons) but I thought it was a cheeky, fun way to pay tribute to the Hillary in question, who happens to be my girlfriend. I made this button for her for the 2010 OYL AGM, where she was acclaimed as Eastern Regional Coordinator. The button was given to delegates for to help promote the new candidate and identify Eastern Region delegates. Colours are the shades of red used by OLP and LPC.

    Ps: Here is a link to the HRC logo for comparison http://www.logodesign.com/logo_design/2007/08/13/hillary-clinton/


    Logo I designed for the Oakville Young Liberals. Oak leaf and federal Liberal maple leaf form the V.


    Slight variation of the design used for buttons


    Logo design used for a few years by the Carleton University Young Liberals, the old alma mater. Franklin Gothic font similar to the OLP logo, with a nice retro looking “Carleton” in the slightly lighter shade of red used by the federal party. 


    White version of the logo used on club t-shirts


    Wish I had a digital version of this poster somewhere, but this will have to do. Poster for an Oakville Young Liberals event featuring candidate Max Khan, as well as musical guests and a food drive. Lots of information, but readable. I dig the two-tone red shading and shadow. 


    Sign poking fun at Stephen Harper stealing a pro-Iraq War speech from former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. These were posted around the site of the 2008 federal leaders debate, and got a decent amount of attention from press. 


    …….Aaaaaand here is some of that attention, in a full colour photo in the A section of the Toronto Star. Yeah, that’s me in the kangaroo suit.



  2. Designs for Anita Vandenbeld, Liberal Party of Canada candidate of record for Ottawa West-Nepean

    I was lucky to get the opportunity to work for an amazing female candidate last federal election, Anita Vandenbeld in Ottawa West-Nepean. I served as her youth co-chair, social media chair, and a variety of other positions. One responsibility was designing the graphics for her nomination campaign (it was a contested nomination). Take a look at what I whipped up below.

    Basic poster with the candidate’s photo and name. On all the material I designed for Anita, I made a strategic choice to focus on her first name, as I thought “Vandenbeld” was too hard to remember in a split second glance (Dutch names often have this problem, Anita told me people called her “van der Beld” frequently). This design was been used at events including the OW-N nomination, at Michael Ignatieff’s stop in OW-N for the 20/11 Tour, and campaign rallies throughout the federal election. With candidate photo and first name, an immediate and personal relationship is formed with the material. Puts a face to the name, literally.

    Example of the design being used both as a poster and as something to wave at the nomination meeting.

    Name sign, has been used both at nomination, 20/11 Tour stop, and the candidate has been using one to identify herself at her weekly public meetings at Carlingwood Mall. Bonus French!

    Both the name and picture signs on display at before a rally with Michael Ignatieff in 2011 at Carlingwood Mall.

    Vertical name sign. Used at a variety of rallies during the campaign.

    In use during a rally at the campaign office

    Can’t have a campaign without lawn signs. I really like the “red on top white on bottom” design the provincial party uses, so that was my inspiration here. I deliberately made “Anita” the visual focus to give a more friendly, first name basis look, and to make sure to was memorable compared to the oft forgotten or mispronounced Vandenbeld. Riding name is bilingual.

    Lawn signs in the natural habitat. 


  3. Sousa campaign cover photos

    Simple reminder to vote cover photo. If you clicked on it I included a link to our website with voting locations in the description.

    Updated it to be region specific (I also made one for the Saturday voting). I regularly posted a list of ridings in each region in the run up to the weekend.

    After the delegate election meeting, the name of the game became ensuring our delegates and alternates registered. This cover photo served as a reminder to get delegates to register early, both so we could keep track of them, and so they could take advantage of the early bird rate.

    Re-using the photo of Charles arriving to vote in Mississauga with myself and other volunteers since it has such a positive energy. Included information regarding our delegate welcome and orientation centre next door to the convention


  4. Various timeline images promoting Charles

    A simple thank you from the campaign to everyone who took part in the delegate election weekend, using a photo of Charles and his wife voting. “You are the renewal” is a line Charles used in several of his speeches to Liberal members, empowering them to take ownership of the party renewal process.

    A thank you message posted after the first day of the delegate election meetings, Charles and his wife voting in Mississauga welcomed by Sousa volunteers. That’s me on the left in the green and grey striped shirt.

    For every debate, I posted a similar image over social media to encourage people to tune into the Ontario Liberal Party website and see Charles in the debates. Charles generally had strong reviews for his debate performance, so we used social media as a way to push eyeballs.

    A particular favourite of mine as it combined two skill areas for me, graphic design and research. We wanted a piece that highlighted positive media quotes on Charles’ focus on the economy. I did a media scan to find the best suited quotes since the campaign launch and created this.

    An example of a piece highlighting a positive quote from Charles, used to establish the kind of positive, progressive campaign we were running.

  5. For the recent Ontario Liberal Party leadership contest, I was the main admin for Charles Sousa’s social media accounts. A big part of the campaign strategy for social media was using it to generate buzz around the rollout of new policy planks. I designed all of these and pushed them over Facebook and Twitter. The basic idea was to create a visual link between each of the policy planks, thus the images in the background behind the text. I turned down the brightness and contrast to make the text more readable, and I put a red filter on top of the all the images to give all the pieces a uniform look.

    Click the images to get a closer look.


  6. Welcome et bienvenue!


    My name is William Norman, a recent graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. I made this tumblr to highlight some of the various graphic design projects I’ve done for Liberal candidates at the federal, provincial, and youth level. Please take a look, and if you like what you see, shoot me an email at wnorman88@gmail.com